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Hello, and welcome to royj.net, my place in the internet. First, I'd like to tell a little about myself and who I am. I am a software quality professional and I currently work at the Trivandrum unit of TATA ELXSI, a company that belongs to the prestigious TATA Group in India. For more information,  use the links on the left or top.
On the right you will see a thumbnail image of Christ the King figure at Vettukad, Trivandrum. Click on it for a high resolution photo I took on Oct 15, 2004.
April 21st   2008 TECH-A-BREAK 2008!
Tech-A-Break is here again... This years' program started off with the rally today afternoon by around 4:20pm The theme this year was Halloween and Seasons.. needless to say the rally was not as impressive as it was in previous years.. Nevertheless the fun factor was as high as any time before.. enjoy the photos..
March 28th   2008 OBT @ KALYPSO Adventures!
Our team from Tata Elxsi went for a two day OBT program conducted by Kalypso Adventures. We had two days of very interesting programs at their camp near Harrison Malayalam Estate at Suryanalle, near Munnar in the high ranges of Western Ghats. During the two days we went for trekking, rafting and had a number of games.

September 16th   2007 HOUSE WARMING
A milestone in the house construction was reached today with the house warming. More photos in the gallery. Click on the picture alongside.

June 3rd   2007 HELLO WORLD!
Hello World! I am Aashik and I have logged in to this world today morning from SUT Mother and Child Hospital. Hope to have a wonderful time here.

February 13th   2007 TECH-A-BREAK 2007
Once again it is break time at Technopark. This years' Tech-A-Break program started on 13 Feb 2007. The colorful rally started by around 4:30pm. Full coverage of the rally in photos available here. The dance competitions were held on Saturday 17 Feb 2007. Photos from the dance competitions are also uploaded now.
October 28th   2006 TATA ELXSI Trivandrum Annual Day
Our office had its annual day today at Mascot Hotel in Trivandrum. It was a nice event with a lot of programs. Here I have uploaded a short overview clip of the programs during the event at YouTube. You can watch the same by clicking on the image or by directly going to YouTube.

Kerala is considered "God's own country" not because of its people or the state of affairs or the government, but because of the pristine natural beauty of the countryside. To find the real reason click on the picture on the right. The Onam holidays allowed us to visit some of the most beautiful places on this planet.

August 22nd  2006 ONAM POOKKALAM
It is that time of the year again where we celebrate with putting up pookkalam all over the place. This year we start off with Ernst & Young placing the first pookkalam in the lobby of Gayatri building. More pookkalam photos will be added as and when they become available.

All of us from Ernst and Young had a day out at Isola Di Coco, a resort at Poovar, approximately 30km from Trivandrum city. Had a fantastic day and great lunch. We left a little early in the afternoon before the party ended. A few photos are posted in the coppermine gallery. This time I carried my new camera, the 10.3megapixel Sony DSC-R1. I kept the maximum resolution down to 5mp so that I could take more photos, but in the end I took just 60 photos


MARCH 24th 2006 TECH- A - BREAK!
TECH - A - BREAK is the annual celebration period at Technopark A week of fun and frolic. Here are a few pictures from the Carnival. Except for the first few pictures, all the rest were taken by my colleague Jamsheed. So all credits to the photos go to him. I will be updating more pictures of Tech-A-Break in the coming days. So check back soon.
Updated the dance program photos also.
It was the school day of my daughter Aiswarya and she performed in two dances. The videos are available from Aiswarya's page
NOVEMBER 1st  2005 B2 Evolution
I have created a new web log site here.So frequent updates will now be through this
OCTOBER 10th  2005 Home Designs
I have created a new site named 'Home Designs'. This site contains contemporary Kerala style house plans. In future this site will included information about Vaastu, house building resources such as information about various builders and contractors, materials, etc. The link is Home Designs
OCTOBER 1st  2005 Sub domains
My new host support sub domains. The first sub domain, the one for my daughter is already up. Check out Aiswarya's page.
SEPTEMBER 6th 2005 Onam... Pookkalam...
Onam is here and we started off the celebrations with a pookkalam placed in the lobby of Gayatri Building. Here on the right you can see the picture of the pookkalam we created. For more pictures check the Coppermine Gallery. We took about six hours with eight persons to put this pookkalam in place. That works out to 48 man hours or approximately one person week.
Check out more pookkalam pictures in the Coppermine Gallery
AUGUST 25th 2005 Shifting to new host
My term with the current host is about to expire and I have decided to move on to a new hosting provider. This has been configured now and the site should be available from now onwards.
MAY 6th 2005 A Trip to Edathua and VeegaLand
  It was a long standing demand from my daughter and wife to visit VeegaLand. So once Sheeja's project pressures were slightly down, we decided to make the trip. Started from home around 6:30 in the morning and reached Wyte Fort by 11:00.
After lunch we went to Veega Land and had a nice time till 6:30 in the evening when they closed down for the day.

On the way at KTDC drive in, I met the twin brother of Shebu and thinking it was Shebu, started talking to him. This led to some funny situations.
On return we went to Edathua, turning to Thiruvalla from Ambalappuzha. This took us through Thakazhy, in front of Siva Sankara Pillai's house, which is now a museum, and also through a ferry as one of the bridges was under renovation. Click on the photo to see more.
MARCH 21st 2005 Return from Germany
I was on a two week visit to a German client site. Unfortunately I was down with "Windpocken" two days after landing there and had to rest for the remaining part of the two weeks. No Office, no shopping, no travel. It was the most boring 10 days in my life. More details available in travelogue.
2005 Calendar
I have created a small desktop calendar for the year 2005. The size is quarter A4. If you would like to have it you can download from here . To use this calendar, you will need to take a printout (colour preferable) and cut it and then spiral it and make it into a desktop calendar.
NOVEMBER 23RD 2004   Karizma and Unicorn
My colleague bought a new Honda Unicorn bike and we went for a test ride. The pictures are available in the gallery.
OCTOBER 31st, 2004   New updates in Gallery
Wild Life pictures uploaded in the gallery.
OCTOBER 26th, 2004  Gallery
More photos uploaded in the gallery section. Also started using the service of imagehost.org, a free image hosting service. Check out the Gallery ...
OCTOBER 9th, 2004  Travelogue
Decided to start a new page called Travelogue. To start with this page will contain details of my recent trip to Bangalore.
OCTOBER 1st,  2004   Web Page Version 2.0
Got comments on the first version of web page ... not that good.. So started this version. Should be better.
SEPTEMBER 21st, 2004 Web Space
My first web site is up. Received the ftp details for this site. So I hurriedly put together a set of pages and uploaded it.
SEPTEMBER 15th,  2004 Domain
Domain registration was successful. Now to find space for putting up this website. Asianet is a better option, Net 4 India is too costly for me. Asianet puts a 500MB per month limit on the bandwidth but I can't imagine myself needing that much
SEPTEMBER 6th, 2004 Domain
Decided to register the domain www.royj.net

Went to Net 4 India dot com and applied for registration.
AUGUST 23rd 2004 ONAM
What you see here is the pookkalam created during the Onam season. Onam is the traditional harvest festival in Kerala. I am not going to describe about Onam or its history here, there are so many other places in the net where that information is available.

This pookkalam shows one of the winning entries in the pookkalam competition held at Technopark

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