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  I do photography and videography during my spare time. The equipment I have are Panasonic NV-DS60 for video capture and Sony DSC R-1 for still photo. Before obtaining this, I used a Canon Powershot S1 IS. Definitely they are not professional grade equipment, but do give quite impressive output. Good enough for my amateur use. Click on the images below, the pages will open in a new window.  
  I moved to a new host from August 25, 2005 onwards. I have plenty of space in the new place and much more bandwidth available. So I have setup my own image gallery using Coppermine. To see the gallery click on the link below. (Opens a new window)  


  From 24 October 2004, I have started using Image Host for hosting the pictures I have taken. Helps me avoid a lot of trouble from creating web pages to display the images as well as save the limited webspace I own.  The downside is that the image host servers sometimes goes down and the images will not be visible then, and if some images remain without being viewed for a few months, then they get deleted.  

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Today was the day of bikes. Morning I got a mail from Sai that he bought a new Fiero. I asked him to send me a picture of the bike and he said he would have done that if I were there!
Later in the day my colleague Perumal brought his new Honda Unicorn to the office. So we went on a test ride. Pretty smooth vehicle. With my camera in hand how can I avoid taking pictures
Really wished Sai was also here.
DEEPAVALI [10-12 Nov 2004]
The festival season is here and it time to burst crackers and enjoy. I had double the job this time, bursting the crackers and also photographing them. The toughest job was to get the pictures of crackers as shown on the right. The rockets where much easier where I kept the exposure to about 6 to 8 seconds. I feel I did a decent job, what do you think? Aishu now likes only those things that does not make too much noise, when she was smaller she used to enjoy noisy crackers too.

ZOO [29 Oct 2004]


Saturdays are holidays for me and Aishwarya but working days for Sheeja. Naturally Aishu gets bored and it is my duty to keep her (and myself) entertained. This time we decided to go to the Zoo and park. Aishu had been asking for that since the last week. We were lucky to catch a number of animals and birds this time. And I was really happy that I sacrificed megapixels and decided to go for a 10x zoom digital camera. The park also had a new slide for the kids. Aishu was initially hesitant to get on that, but later enjoyed it.
Leena is my cousin sister and she does very good paintings. She showed me her collection of paintings when I went to her house recently. I had the camera with me at that time and so took some pictures of her paintings. Here are some of those pictures. Click on the image to see.



Jeevan threw a party at Kovalam on Monday evening and we were invited. Initially we had some trouble identifying the exact location of Hotel Sea Face, but with mobile phones and all, it was easily solved. We had a great time with a bunch of very nice people. I also met an old friend who was my junior at MBA program. The party went on till 11:00pm and we decided to disperse when the kids started to fall asleep
BEACH [22 October 2004]
Friday was a holiday on account of Mahanavami and Ayudhapooja. So in the morning Aishwarya and I went to Vettukadu church and to the Shankumughom beach. Click on the image to see the pictures.

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PARAMUGAL [16 Oct 2004]

These pictures were taken using the Cannon Powershot S1 IS I had received a few days back. The panoramic picture is quite large.
AIR SHOW  TRIVANDRUM [28 August 2004]
An Air show was held at Trivandrum as part of Onam celebrations from 28 to 30 August 2004. The Sarangs, Surya Kirans, and the Air Devils of Indian Airforce displayed their skills. It was overall an interesting show, and I captured about 30 minutes of video footage. A few stills captured from that are given here.


I ride one of the best and most comfortable bikes available in the country, the Kawasaki Eliminator 175. It is a small bike by international standards but in India, it is one of the best you can get.
SAMIL'S WEDDING [22 December 2002]
Photos taken on the occasion of Samil's wedding