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I do like moderate amount of travel and I have been to several parts of this country as part of my job. I did maximum travel while in Transmatic Systems, my first job. I have been to Patiala, New Delhi, Calcutta, Jabalpur, Vizag, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Madurai from Transmatic.
Traveling came to an abrupt end when I joined Templeton Automation Services in Bangalore. Later when I joined NeST, travel was limited to between Trivandrum and Cochin. Now with Tata Elxsi, my travel is between Trivandrum and Bangalore.
Vailankanni and Poondi [1-3 Oct 2008]
We typically visit Vailankanni once in about five Vailankanni Church years or so. This time when we planned there were  about 8 of us including infants. That was too small a number to hire a traveller and hiring an Innova or Tavera would mean the per head rates would be quite high.
Taj Green Cove, Kovalam [27 March 2007]
Our team at Tata Elxsi went for an outing to Kovalam Taj Green Cove this day. For details click on the image.
VARKALA [06 May 2006]
A short trip from the BCC unit at church to Sivagiri mutt, Papanasam beach, backwater and pozhi at Anjuthengu.
SREE's Wedding [20 Apr 2006]
We went to the wedding of Sree at Ernakulam. See the pictures here. For a change this time we went by train instead of taking the car.
KURISUMALA [1 Apr 2006]
April first was a very hectic day this year. Early morning we went to the pilgrim place "Thekkan Kurisumala" near Vellarada. For details click on the picture
GERMANY [6 Mar - 19 Mar 2005]
Urgent demands from a client had me traveling to Germany from here on 5 March 2005. I landed in Germany on March 6th and finally reached my
hotel room after a long and eventful  train journey. The train from Kln Hbf to Hamm (Westf) was late by a few minutes and I missed my train from Hamm. This resulted in me taking a wrong train that took me to Rheda-Wiedenbrck. As the train approached its last station I realized my mistake, and the only other person in the train was a beautiful young lady. She took me to the front of the station and showed me the next train back to Hamm (Westf) is after one hour and then took me across the street to a cafeteria so that I will not freeze in the cold and disappeared. I waited there for nearly 45 mins having a burger and coffee, and then went back to the DB station. There another stranger helped me operated the ticket vending machine and I got the ticket back to Hamm (Westf). Finally by around 9:45pm I was in my Hotel room.
Two days I went to office, but on the second day I looked really ill and on Wednesday Tojo took me to a doctor where I was diagnosed as having "Windpocken" and was asked to rest for 8-10 days
So there I was confined to my hotel room. Tojo and Simple helped me with food and brought me milk, apples, bread, grapes and assorted other items.
By Friday, 18 March,  I was in a position to show my face outside. On Saturday Tojo and I went out to City, and I took the train tickets for my return journey.  I also bought some chocolates to take back home.
I started from hotel at 9:45pm, Saturday and after long long hours in airport and flights finally reached home in the evening on Monday. Here are the travel statistics:
Total journey time: 37:39 hrs
Train time: 2:48hrs = 7%
Check in time at airports: 3:05hrs = 8%
Flight time: 13:45hrs = 37%
Waiting time at airports: 18:20hrs = 48%
NELLAI [28 Nov 2004]
It was the Wedding of our colleague Mary Jayanthi at Nellai. About 15 of us went in a bus that was arranged by Mary. The journey took as through some very
picturesque places on the border between Kerala and Tamilnad state, through wind farms and mountains. Though the bus looked bad with missing window panes and head rests, the travel was comfortable with minimal shakes and bumps. There were three or four kids including my daughter in our group and they too enjoyed the trip very well. As usual I put my camera to very good use and have uploaded some of them for you to see. Click on the thumbnail picture above to see them.
BANGALORE [12-13 Feb 2005]
It was the  pooja of the new construction at Dharmaraj's place and I went there to attend the functions. I also took some photos of the functions.
I had stayed in this place during my tenure at Texas Instruments and it is a very nice place to stay. It now has several new rooms which are well constructed, a canteen facility and a gym at the top. Pretty impressive. Have a look at the photos.
I also did some major shopping in this trip, purchasing a Casio keyboard, helmet and other things.
PARAMUGAL [16 Oct 2004]
This is too short a trip to be mentioned under this page, still ...
Varghese called me in the morning and enquired whether I would be free in the day. Later around 11:00 called up and fixed the trip for 1:30pm. By 1:30 I got the camera and gear ready and was waiting for him. He turned up by 2:15pm and we were off on our bikes by 2:30. traffic was not that heavy and about 7kms from home we reached nice rubberized but with rathe,r I would say dangerous, curves. But we maintained our speeds close to 80kmph even through some of the curves. I reduced speed only after I could not negotiate the curves without scraping the footrest.
Had a short stop for a glass of fruit juice and a bottle of mineral water before turning to the hill road. I realized that my cruiser was totally out of place in this particular trip. The Karizma was handling the roads much better. I would have preferred an off road bike at least in the hill roads. Finally we reached the top around 3:30pm. You get a very good view of the western horizon from the top. You can also see the Technopark from there.
We clicked a few snaps which I have given in the gallery page. By 4:15pm thunder clouds were threatening and so we dropped the idea of going to Varkala beach and headed straight back to the City.
BANGALORE [4 Oct - 8 Oct 2004]
A two day training program on ISMS had me traveling to Bangalore between these days. it started with a mail requesting me to come for the training in "AC Bus or Train". The specific mention of AC Bus or Train disturbed me when HR executives too travel by flight to attend training programs. Cribbing aside, I enjoy traveling by Bus and would have taken the Bus route in the absence of any specific instructions.
I got ticket on KPN. It was a lemon green Volvo. The couple in front of me were not sleeping and I also ended up lying awake.
Thankfully the training program on the first day was split into two and I was in the morning session. The class by the KPMG person was good and he could keep the class interactive and live.
I wanted to sleep off in the afternoon but was asked to attend a seminar at Leela Palace. That turned out to be an unexpected bonanza with cocktail dinner and all.
The second day training went off smooth and was over by around 3:30pm. Now I had to think of my return trip. It was already too late to catch any bus for the day. By the time I reached Kalasipalayam it was 6:00pm and I booked ticket for the next day.
The return was also on a lemon green Volvo from KPN. I was in the last seat. There was a huge guy in front of me and as soon as the bus started he started snoring louder than the bus engine. This man had to get down at Salem and when the bus reached there he was still snoring. The 'kili' had to come and wake him up and get him off the bus. In his sleepiness, he took some one else's bag and left the bus. The other person realized his bag was missing only when the bus reached his place in Tirunelveli. This is the second time I am seeing such an incident and so I always keep my bag chained to avoid such mistakes.
How do you spend time on a bus journey that lasts about 16 hours? Watch scenery, watch others, sleep, dream... but the most boring would be milestone counting. I did that too - Madurai 168... Madurai 167... Madurai 166...
I got to touch base with a lot of friends during this trip to Bangalore. Sai, Dharmaraj, Sivakumar, Abhijeet, Lakshmi, Uma, Shameer, Deepa, Siju, Saritha, Sanjay Paul... and the prominent ones I missed contacting include Anand, Riyaz, Shakeela, Chandana, Safeer and Soorej.
Uma wanted some of the photos taken in Tata Elxsi to be put in this web site while Lakshmi wanted the articles and links on quality to be put. The articles I do not have the copyright, but the links have been updated in the 'Professional' page